Frequently Asked Questions

The Elogbook app is available on Android and IOS (Apple) devices, making it possible to use as a “Driver BYO device”, or it can be installed on a company device fixed to the truck. Drivers download the Elogbook mobile app and register for free. Fleet managers, or owner drivers, create a Operator account on the Elogbook web portal and invite drivers to connect using their mobile phone number. Operators pay a monthly fee for each driver they connect to.

All records created by the driver are updated in real time and can be accessed via the web portal.

During a shift, a driver can create, edit or delete any record. They can even delete the entire shift. So yes, records can be corrected. However, when ending a shift, a driver must sign off on the driver declaration.

Within the Elogbook web portal, you simply assign people a role and invite them using their email address. There is no extra cost for users to access the web portal.

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We sell subscriptions in a monthly or annual fee basis. Whatever suits your budget, either buy monthly, we give a 7 day grace period to top up and pay at the end of each period or pay a discounted annual fee for your peace of mind. We believe Elogbook is the most cost effective digital logbook on the market.

Records are kept for 7 years to comply with the regulatory requirement.